The Broadband Advisory Council is established as an advisory council, within the meaning of § 2.2-2100, in the executive branch of state government. The purpose of the Council shall be to advise the Governor on policy and funding priorities to expedite deployment and reduce the cost of broadband access in the Commonwealth.


Delegate Kathy Byron (Chair) - House of Delegates
Senator Frank Ruff (Vice Chair) - Senate
Delegate James Leftwich - House of Delegates
Delegate Emily Brewer - House of Delegates 
Delegate Paul Krizek - House of Delegates
Senator Ryan McDougle - Senate
Senator Glen Sturtevant - Senate
Secretary Brian Ball - Secretary of Commerce and Trade 
Secretary Bettina Ring - Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry 
Ray LaMura - Virginia Cable Telecommunications Associtaion (VCTA)
Duront Walton - Virginia Telecommunications Industry Association (VTIA)
James Carr - Virginia Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA)
Kristie Helmick Proctor - Center for Rural Virginia
Rosemary Wilson - Local Government Representative (Virginia Beach)

Next Meeting:
The next Broadband Advisory Council meeting will be September 18th, 12:30-2:30 in House Room 3 of the Capital Building in Richmond, VA.