The Commonwealth of Virginia has tasked CIT with providing technical assistance to Virginia’s localities. As an enabler of locality-led broadband initiatives, CIT provides assistance by facilitating public-private partnerships, creating and maintaining broadband tools and resources, and serving as a repository for best practices.

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Guidance for Local Leaders

The Commonwealth Broadband Team has created the guidance documents below in an effort to empower Virginia communities to reach functionally universal broadband coverage (approximately 95% of the local population with access to broadband).

Bringing Broadband to your Community (INSERT LINK)
- a step-by-step guide for local leaders committed to bringing broadband to their communities.

Model Request for Proposal (RFP) (INSERT LINK)
- a sample broadband expansion RFP that local leaders can adapt, with the goal of partnering with one or more internet service providers to create a plan for achieving functionally universal broadband coverage within 10 years.

CIT's Broadband Path

Expanding broadband access across a community requires significant resources. Unfortunately, localities sometimes lack the expertise, manpower, and/or funds to enhance local broadband. This process is designed to add expertise, guidance, and technical assistance for local broadband initiatives.

There are three phases in the process all with the goal of helping localities reach a point where they can develop public/private partnerships for broadband expansion to unserved and underserved areas.

To learn more, see CIT’s Broadband Path Overview, click here.

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