Chief Broadband Advisor – Office of the Secretary of Commerce and Trade

The Chief Broadband Advisor serves as Virginia's single point of contact and integration for broadband issues, efforts, and initiatives and to increase the availability and affordability of broadband throughout all regions of the Commonwealth.

Evan FeinmanChief Broadband Advisor

Courtney Dozier - Deputy Chief Broadband Advisor

Kyle Rosner - Broadband Policy Specialist

Center for Innovative Technology (CIT)/Office of Broadband Assistance

CIT provides the technical assistance component of the Commonwealth Connect Broadband Team. CIT serves as an advocate for localities by facilitating public private partnerships, creating tools and resources that enable localities to better plan for broadband, and acts as a repository for broadband information such as coverage maps and funding sources. CIT also staffs the Broadband Advisory Council and the Office of Broadband Assistance.

Chuck Kirby - Vice President of Broadband Programs

Jean Plymale - Broadband Project Manager

Caroline Luxhoj -Broadband Program Administrator

Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)

DHCD provides broadband grants through its Virginia Telecommunications Infrastructure (VATI) grant program. The VATI grant program prepares communities to build, utilize, and capitalize on telecommunications infrastructure with the goal of creating strong, competitive communities.

Tamarah Holmes - Associate Director of Community Development Policy

Tammy Breski - Telecommunication and Broadband Project Manager


For more information check out the Commonwealth Connect report.